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Vannienergy is managed by a team of highly trained Nigerian and foreign professionals, with decades of corporate experience in the global financial and energy sectors.

We offer bespoke marine procurement services to our clients in their on-shore and off-shore locations to support and promote their drive for efficient operation and maximum profitability. Over the years, we have obtained a lot of experience for ourselves and we never relent in providing excellence in our service.

We Lead by service not by invoice

Pipeline Maintenance

Our experienced pipeline team will ensure your pipelines continue to operate at maximum efficiency with minimal downtime. Our specialist cleaning methods will ensure debris removal with minimal cost and disruption. We also provide a wide range of maintenance solutions designed to address common problems.

Sales and distribution of Petroleum Products

Wholesale and retail distribution of refined petroleum products to business, industry, government and public consumers. We handle the bulk of these sales and oil companies sell their petroleum products directly to factories, power plants, and transportation-related industries.

Building of Marine Equipment

We Build Marine equipment such as: House Boat, Barges, Tug Boats. Vannienergy Services take advantage of the latest technology and materials innovations to deliver improved durability and performance for the marine industry, from onshore and offshore to ship-to-ship.

Procurement and Logistics

We are involved in the Lease of heavy duty marine and engineering construction equipment for both land, swamp and deep offshore operations.. They include Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV), various sizes of Cranes, Swamp Buggies, to Production Platforms.

Maintenance and Safety Checks

We help you to minimise disruption and extend the lifetime of your equipment. The company’s range of services cover maintenance and overhaul, emergency call-outs, site inspection, mechanical and electrical equipment repair, testing, and preventive maintenance.

Leasing of Equipment

We have different types of equipment and for diverse use depending on the needs of our clients which may include the movement of cargo and Personnel. These equipment have different capacity. We Hire and Lease out various types of equipment including: Welding Machine/Accessories, Generator Sets e.t.c

Why Choose us

  1. We have decades of experience and have comprehensive knowledge of the business.

  2. We have a well-established global network and can easily satisfy all your needs & requirements

  3. Our team of experts are professional, client-centric and can offer creative solutions. We aim to please and exceed expectations.

  4. We offer ‘one-stop’ services so you need not worry about dealing with a number of providers

  5. Highest standard of Safety, Security, Quality and Environmental protection.

  6. Our costs are one of the most competitive in the industry

We remain focused in functional execution with trained workforce

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